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  • Roadmap A2 Students' Book with Digital Resources & Mobile Practice App

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    Book + Access Code
    The Students' Book includes: Ten units with three main input lessons link to three Develop your listening, reading and writing skills lessons. An English in Action lesson in each unit covers key functional language with video clips and worksheets. In each main lesson the Grammar, ... Read more >

  • Introduction to Robotics, Global Edition (4e)

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    For senior-year undergraduate and first-year graduate courses in robotics. An intuitive introduction to robotic theory and application Since its original publication in 1986, Craig’s Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control has been the leading textbook for teaching robotics at the un... Read more >

  • Fundamentals of Multinational Finance, Global Edition (6e)

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    For undergraduate courses in International Financial Management, International Business Finance, or International Finance. Real-world examples introduce students to global financial management strategyFundamentals of Multinational Finance helps prepare tomorrow’s business leaders to ... Read more >

  • Multinational Business Finance: Global (15e)

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  • Econometric Analysis, Global Edition (8e)

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    Designed to bridge the gap between social science studies and field-econometrics. Green presents this ever-growing area at an accessible graduate level. The 8th Edition introduces students to basic techniques, a rich variety of models, and underlying theory that is easy to put into practice. The b... Read more >