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  • Intelligent Business Intermediate Skills Book with CD-ROM

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    Book + Disk
    The full-colour Intelligent Business Skills Book provides focussed training in the functional language and communication strategies needed for work skills such as closing deals, handling conflict and public speaking.  Integrated closely with the Course book syllabus, the Skills Book can also be used... Read more >

  • Intelligent Business Intermediate Teachers Book and Test Master w/CD

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    The Intelligent Business Teacher’s Book provides all the support you need for both the Coursebook and Skills Book courses. It provides full teaching notes and photocopiable resources. The Test Master CD-ROM which accompanies the Teacher’s Book provides a range of placement, module and p... Read more >

  • Intelligent Business Workbook w/CD

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    Book + Disk
    The workbook consolidates the language of the Intelligent Business Coursebook by providing further practice of key vocabulary, grammar and skills. Throughout the workbook there are Cambridge BEC style tasks to familiarise students with the exam. At the back of the workbook is a complete BEC exam in... Read more >

  • Katzensprung 3 Teacher's Resource and Assessment Kit

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    Educators only
    Katzensprung 3 is set in Berlin and Neustadt an der Orla in eastern Germany, with reference to the other German-speaking countries. The Textbook compares and contrasts the lives of Jakob in Berlin and his exchange partner Simon in New Zealand with the experiences of Ines from Neustadt and her exchan... Read more >

  • Katzensprung 3 Workbook and Audio CD

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    Katzensprung's fresh contents reflect the interests of today's teenagers, and its multimedia format meets modern classroom requirements. Logical sequencing and easy-to-follow instructions make teaching simple and enjoyable, whilst the range of authentic text types brings variety and cultural enrichm... Read more >