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  • Writing Logically Thinking Critically (8e)

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    This concise, accessible text teaches students how to write logical, cohesive arguments and how to evaluate the arguments of others.   Integrating writing skills with critical thinking skills, this practical book teaches students to draw logical inferences, identify premises and conclusions a... Read more >

  • Visualizing Technology (8e)

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    For introductory courses in computer concepts, digital literacy, or computer literacy, often including instruction in Microsoft Office®. Visualizing Technology provides a hands-on, highly visual approach to computer concepts whereby students learn a skill and then either apply it to a projec... Read more >

  • Unequal Relations: A Critical Introduction to Race, Ethnic, and Aboriginal Dynamics in Canada (8e)

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    Unequal Relations: A Critical Introduction to Race, Ethnic, and Aboriginal Dynamics in Canada is the market-leading, single-voice text for Race and Ethnicity courses in Canada, and it includes comprehensive coverage of racism, multiculturalism and diversity. This mature edition has been updated to r... Read more >

  • Understanding Music (8e)

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    For courses in Music Appreciation   Build Listening Skills Through Music Appreciation Understanding Music teaches students to listen to music with depth, understanding, and knowledge. Using music as a tool to exercise listening skills, the Eighth Edition integrates lively text, clear listening... Read more >

  • The MBA Handbook: Academic and Professional Skills for Mastering Management (8e)

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    ‭Undertaking any postgraduate management study is a big investment on many levels. The MBA ‭Handbook is the definitive text in this area and explains what will be expected from you on a ‭personal, professional and academic level. Designed to prepare and support you throughout ̷... Read more >