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  • Applied Statistics for Engineers and Physical Scientists (3e)

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    Normal 0 false false false This hugely anticipated revision has held true to its core strengths, while bringing the book fully up to date with modern engineering statistics. Written by two leading statisticians, Statistics for Engineers and Physical Scientists, Third Edition, provides the necess... Read more >

  • Art of Nutritional Cooking, The (3e)

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    The Art of Nutritional Cooking, 3rd Edition is both a guide and a tool for those interested in preparing healthy food. Offering streamlined coverage, it combines the science of nutrition with the art of cooking—logically progressing through the basics of nutrition to health and diet, to co... Read more >

  • Authentic Classroom Management: Creating a Learning Community and Building Reflective Practice (3e)

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    Authentic Classroom Management addresses the basics of classroom management by focusing on creating a learning community based on respectful and authentic communication to invite student cooperation and develop student problem-solving capacity.   This easy-to-read, practical text covers a bro... Read more >

  • Casebook for School Leaders, A: Linking the ISLLC Standards to Effective Practice (3e)

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    For those pursuing a career in educational administration the third edition of this text offers a unique opportunity to engage in case analysis. Introducing 44 cases that represent real-life situations in today’s schools readers are provided with a case analysis framework to use as a tool for ... Read more >

  • Developing a Professional Teaching Portfolio: A Guide for Success (3e)

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    Developing a Professional Teaching Portfolio: A Guide for Success, Third Edition, offers practical, comprehensive guidelines for developing standards-based paper or electronic professional teaching portfolios.   This text leads future and in-service teachers through the rigorous process of ... Read more >