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  • Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists (5e)

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    This text is written entirely in SI (metric) units.The fifth edition of this classic text has been fully revised to take account of modern teaching methods and perspectives, with the emphasis placed on the application of theory to real-life situations.

  • Articulation and Phonology in Speech Sound Disorders: A Clinical Focus (5e)

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    For courses in Articulation and Phonological Disorders     This comprehensive book ties strong academic foundations directly to their clinical application for speech/language therapists working with speech sound disorders. Each chapter presents tools to help readers bridge the gap betwe... Read more >

  • Asking Questions in Biology: A Guide to Hypothesis Testing, Experimental Design and Presentation in Practical Work and Research Projects (5e)

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    Asking and answering questions is the cornerstone of science, yet formal training in understanding this key process is often overlooked.Asking Questions in Biology unpacks this crucial process of enquiry, from a biological perspective, at its various stages. 

  • Assessing Young Children (5e)

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      A comprehensive review of the issues involved in assessing children from birth to eight years, with and without disabilities.    This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the broad scope of approaches and instruments—grounded in research-based and recommended practi... Read more >

  • Assessment and Reporting: Celebrating Student Achievement (5e)

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    Assessment and Reporting: Celebrating Student Achievement provides an analysis of assessment and reporting within two different contexts: accountability required by governments and a focus on authentic assessment that facilitates student learning. The product analyses the nature of assessment, re... Read more >