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  • Conversación y controversia: Tópicos de hoy y de siempre (6e)

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    For courses in Spanish Conversation.   Free expression and exchange of ideas   This text encourages the exploration of “free expression” in Spanish on universal topics of importance and interest. It stimulates class discussion by motivating students to talk about controvers... Read more >

  • Elementary Number Theory (6e)

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    Normal 0 false false false Elementary Number Theory, Sixth Edition, blends classical theory with modern applications and is notable for its outstanding exercise sets. A full range of exercises, from basic to challenging, helps students explore key concepts and push their understanding to new heig... Read more >

  • Java For Students (6e)

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    This book is for novicesIf you have never done any programming before - if you are a complete novice - this book is for you. This book assumes no prior knowledge of programming. It starts from scratch. It is written in a simple, direct style for maximum clarity. It is aimed at first level students a... Read more >

  • Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers, The (paperbk) (6e)

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    The Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers, Sixth Edition, emphasizes writing for different audiences, explores the connection between reading and writing, and presents superior writing across the curriculum coverage while also providing all the handbook basics.   A comprehensive reference ... Read more >

  • Nursing Theories: The Base for Professional Nursing Practice (6e)

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    For courses in undergraduate/graduate-level nursing theory.   Nursing Theories: The Base for Professional Nursing Practice, Sixth Edition, is designed to help nurses apply concepts and theories to practice. This useful resource considers the ideas of well-known nursing theorists and relates ... Read more >