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  • Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Applied Elasticity (6e)

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    The Leading Practical Guide to Stress Analysis--Updated with State-of-the-Art Methods, Applications, and Problems This widely acclaimed exploration of real-world stress analysis reflects advanced methods and applications used in today's mechanical, civil, marine, aeronautical engineering, and engin... Read more >

  • Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Applied Elasticity eBook (6e)

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    This systematic exploration of real-world stress analysis has been completely updated to reflect state-of-the-art methods and applications now used in aeronautical, civil, and mechanical engineering, and engineering mechanics. Distinguished by its exceptional visual interpretations of solutions, Adv... Read more >

  • Articultn&phonolgy Spch (6e)

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  • Automotive Technology: Principles, Diagnosis and Service (6e)

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    For courses in automotive principles, service, or mechanics. Market-leading Automotive Technology: Principles, Diagnosis, and Service has been fully updated and expanded to address the latest technology and automotive systems. Written to current ASE tasks and standards, the text covers the 8 majo... Read more >

  • Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology, Global Edition (6e)

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    This title is a Pearson Global Edition. The Editorial team at Pearson has worked closely with educators around the world to include content which is especially relevant to students outside the United States. Develop and Practice Science Literacy Skills Teach students to view their world using scie... Read more >