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  • Elementary Structures for Architects and Builders (5e)

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    For courses in Structural Technology and Statics and Strength of Materials.   A market leader, Elementary Structures for Architects and Builders, Fifth Edition provides an introduction to building structures and materials, covering essential topics in statics and mechanics of materials, and a... Read more >

  • Introduction to Tourism in Australia: development, issues and change (5e)

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    The fifth edition of Introduction to Tourism: development, issues and change continues to draw together many of the contemporary issues and themes in Australian and international tourism in a manner that is easy to understand and useful to students. The book has been substantially revised in terms o... Read more >

  • Organisation Theory: Concepts and cases (5e)

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    Organisation Theory: Concepts and cases, 5e applies organisational theory in an Australian context. The material has been selected and interpreted to assist students in understanding how organisations may be structured and managed more effectively. This best-selling text is known for its applied app... Read more >

  • Qualitative Research for Education: An Introduction to Theories and Methods (5e)

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    This concise, applied, and very clearly written introduction to qualitative research methods can be used effectively in any semester, or year-long course.   The purpose of this introductory-level text is to provide the reader with a background for understanding the uses of qualitative researc... Read more >

  • Working Writer, The (5e)

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    The Working Writer is a brief, process-oriented writing guide, including a combination of purposes and genres.  The author stresses the importance of building students' confidence through finding their own voice in writing, using journaling and other strategies. The Working Writer has ... Read more >