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  • Compensation Management in a Knowledge-Based World (10e)

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    For undergraduate courses in Compensation Management and Wage and Salary Administration. As the leading text in its field Compensation Management offers a practical exploration of the systems, methods, and procedures involved in establishing and administering a compensation system within any orga... Read more >

  • Writing Well, Longman Classics Edition (10e)

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    Co-authored by two esteemed writers, Writing Well, is a beautifully-written and thoroughly readable guide to the craft of writing prose.    Donald Hall, National Book Critics Circle Award winner and Pulitzer Prize nominee, and Sven Birkerts, recipient of awards from the National Book Cr... Read more >

  • Speak with Confidence: A Practical Guide (10e)

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    Speak with Confidence gives students the skills they need to communicate quickly, confidently, and effectively.   Filled with engaging anecdotes, cartoons, and examples, Speak with Confidence is a practical and approachable public speaking text that both engages students in the material and ... Read more >

  • Revisit, Reflect, Retell: Time-Tested Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension (10e)

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    For ten years and in hundreds of thousands of classrooms, Revisit, Reflect, Retell has been a teacher's most reliable resourcefor helping students experience deeper levels of understanding. Now, Linda Hoyt returns with an updated edition of Revisit, Reflect, Retell that’s loaded with new, teac... Read more >

  • Natural Resource Conservation: Management for a Sustainable Future (10e)

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    For introductory-level, undergraduate courses in natural resource conservation, natural resource management, environmental science, and environmental conservation.   This comprehensive text describes the ecological principles, policies, and practices required to create a sustainable future. ... Read more >