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  • Crisis in American Institutions (14e)

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    Crisis in American Institutions provides students with an array of engaging articles that reflect America's social problems and encourage critical thought.   This edition contains seventeen new articles, many addressing the escalating crises of American society in recent years, incl... Read more >

  • Classic Philosophical Questions (14e)

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    Classic and Contemporary Primary Source Readings.   Classic Philosophical Questions has presented decades of students with the most compelling classic and contemporary primary source readings on the most enduring and abiding questions in philosophy. Classic Philosophical Questions is a... Read more >

  • American Government (14e)

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    American Government provides a concise overview of the American political system and its institutions using the Constitution as a backdrop and touchstone in every chapter. Concentrating on the most significant issues necessary to understanding American government, this book is specifically structure... Read more >

  • Introductory Foods (14e)

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    For courses in introductory foods, food science, and food preparation.     Introductory Foods, 14th Edition, is a market-leading introduction to the fundamental principles of food preparation and the many innovations and emerging trends in food science and technology. The text explore... Read more >

  • Anthropology (14e)

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    Explains how and why human cultures vary so greatly across space and time   Anthropology, provides students with a comprehensive and scientific introduction to the holistic four fields of anthropology and the important role of applied anthropology.  Readers will understand humans in all ... Read more >