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  • A Conversation Book 1: English in Everyday Life, Teacher's Edition (4e)

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    Educators only
    A Conversation Book 1: English in Everyday Life, by Tina Kasloff Carver and Sandra D. Fotinos-Riggs, helps beginning level students to develop conversation fluency. The student-centred text and audio teach the vocabulary and life skills necessary for natural communication. Each of the ten units focu... Read more >

  • Acquisition Essentials: A step-by-step guide to smarter deals (2e)

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    The comprehensive and crystal-clear companion to making the right acquisition decisions and executing them well: Acquisition is the most powerful corporate development tool available to companies and will therefore always be on the business agenda. Very practical and easy to follow: diagr... Read more >

  • Activate! A2 Class CD

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    The Class CD contains all the audio for the Students' Book listening activities.

  • Activate! A2 Grammar & Vocabulary Book

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    Activate! A2 Grammar & Vocabulary provides additional practice on key grammar areas and consolidates the language covered in the Students' Book ensuring your students are fully prepared for their exam.

  • Activate! A2 Workbook with Key

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    Offers consolidation and extension of the language points presented in the Students' BookIncludes a CD Multi-Rom that contains interactive grammar and vocabulary activities to reinforce key language pointsStudents can practise listening at home with the audio for the Workbook listening activities on... Read more >