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  • Constitutional and Administrative Law (17e)

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    First published in the 1930s, Bradley, Ewing and Knight is one of the UK’s best known law textbooks of all time. Written by a team of senior academics and a leading public law practitioner, the book is the definitive guide to all aspects of the constitution, and has been cited by courts across... Read more >

  • Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children: Pearson New International Edition (17e)

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    Used by over a half-million students, the best-selling Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children offers the next generation of physical education teachers the best guide in step-by-step techniques for teaching physical education. This text covers everything from games and activities ... Read more >

  • QuickBooks 2018: A Complete Course with QuickBooks 2018 Access Card (17e)

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    For one-semester courses in microcomputer accounting. A real-world experience with extensive hands-on material Designed for students familiar with the essentials of the accounting cycle and how it relates to business, QuickBooks® Desktop 2018: A Complete Course is a comprehensive instructional... Read more >