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  • A Practical Guide to Digital Forensics Investigations (2e)

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    Now extensively updated, this authoritative, intensely practical guide to digital forensics draws upon the author’s wide-ranging experience in law enforcement, including his pioneering work as a forensics examiner in both criminal and civil investigations. Writing for students and other reade... Read more >

  • Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example: Practical Programming by Example (2e)

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  • Algebra (Classic Version) (2e)

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    Appropriate for one- or two-semester algebra coursesThis title is part of the Pearson Modern Classics series. Pearson Modern Classics are acclaimed titles at a value price. Please visit for a complete list of titles.Algebra, 2nd Edition, by Mic... Read more >

  • Animated Storytelling (2e)

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    Animation is a limitless medium for telling stories. Artists can create worlds, defy gravity, flip from factual to fantasy, and transport audiences to places they never imagined. The challenge is having the discipline to reel it in and be intentional about your storytelling choices. This book shows ... Read more >

  • Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion (2e)

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    Blown to Bits, Second Edition is the brilliant, plain-English guide to digital technology, how it’s changing the world, and what you need to know to survive in tomorrow’s digital world. A best-seller when it was first published in 2010, the issues it addresses are more crucial than ever.... Read more >