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  • Windows Server 2019 Inside Out

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  • Windows Internals, Part 2 (7e)

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    Drill down into Windows architecture and internals, discover how core Windows components work behind the scenes, and master information you can continually apply to improve architecture, development, system administration, and support. Led by three renowned Windows internals experts, this classic g... Read more >

  • Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer: Managing for Conflict and Consensus (Paperback) (2e)

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    Make better decisions, achieve deeper consensus, get past groupthink and "yes men," and achieve superior results! Michael A. Roberto's Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer, Second Edition offers a powerful framework every leader can use to promote honest, constructive dissent and s... Read more >

  • VLSI Design Methodology Development

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    Most traditional undergraduate microelectronics texts focus on detailed transistor modeling and behavior and fundamental circuit design techniques. However, the vast majority of working microelectronics engineers will design complex chips using existing circuit libraries. As they integrate existing ... Read more >

  • Victimology (5e)

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    This print textbook is available for students to rent for their classes. The Pearson print rental program provides students with affordable access to learning materials, so they come to class ready to succeed. For courses in the field of victimology.An easy-to-read global perspective on the study ... Read more >