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  • Be a Great Manager Now!: The 2-in-1 Manager

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    This 2-in-1 guide is designed to help you become a more effective manager in an instant, whilst giving you the deeper knowledge to ensure long-lasting results. With the unique 2-in-1 approach, you can learn your way. Use the seven Speed Read tips immediately, then take your time exploring the Big P... Read more >

  • Brilliant Baby Names: How To Choose a Name that you and your child will love for life (2e)

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    Everything you need to help you find the right name for your baby. More than just an alphabetical list of popular names, Brilliant Baby Names is the ultimate guide to naming your baby.  Whether you’re seeking advice about how to choose a name, looking for inspiration in finding the perfect... Read more >

  • Confidence: Transform the Way You Feel So You Can Achieve the Things You Want (3e)

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    This book will transform your life. With confidence you can succeed at just about anything! In your hands is the most definitive and indispensable guide to feeling, acting, and being more confident, that you’re ever likely to read. Using only the best methods, and the most effective technique... Read more >

  • The Interview Question & Answer Book: How to be ready to answer the 155 toughest interview questions (2e)

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    You’ve made it to the interview – but what questions are they going to ask? With this book you can be fully prepared for every type of interview question. Never again will you feel stumped by a tricky question.  From now on you will feel completely at ease and confident that you c... Read more >