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  • EAP Now! Audio CD (2e)

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    These Class Audio CDs contain recordings of lectures and a tutorial delivered in a variety of accents. When used in conjunction with activities in EAP Now! Students’ Book it helps students practise note-taking and improve listening skills in an academic context. EAP Now! 2nd Edition : Upper... Read more >

  • Eap Now! Preliminary Audio CD

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    The EAP Now! Preliminary Audio CDs are linked to the EAP Now! Preliminary Student Book. They include recordings of tutorial discussions, lectures and real life situations using a variety of accents.   EAP Now! Preliminary prepares students either for higher level EAP courses that use EAP Now... Read more >

  • Pacioli Software Suite

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    The Pacioli Software Suite (The Suite) comprises all three Pacioli software modules – 1) the Consolidation Accounting Program (CAP), 2) the Pacioli Consolidation Accounting Module 2 (PCAM2), and 3) Pacioli Income Tax Accounting (PITA). They combine to provide a unique 24/7 virtual tutor for st... Read more >