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  • Collaborative Learning in Action

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    For 1st to 4th year teacher education students in the ‘practicum’, ‘education’ or ‘professional studies’ sections of their course. Collaborative Learning in Action identifies and explains the great variety of teaching strategies and the ‘structures’ ... Read more >

  • International Business (3e)

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    Not yet available
    International Business: managing in the Asia-Pacific 3e provides an introduction to the exciting and evolving field of international business. The new edition of this successful text equips students with the knowledge, tools and insights they need to function effectively as managers in the glob... Read more >

  • Introduction to Tourism in Australia: development, issues and change (5e)

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    The fifth edition of Introduction to Tourism: development, issues and change continues to draw together many of the contemporary issues and themes in Australian and international tourism in a manner that is easy to understand and useful to students. The book has been substantially revised in terms o... Read more >

  • Literacies and Learners: Current Perspectives: Current perspectives (3e)

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    For primary and early childhood teachers and for teachers in training. Literacies and Learners: Current perspectives, 3rd Edition continues to question common sense notions of language and language learning. It explores the major theories and issues in the fields of language, language ... Read more >

  • Nursing History: Foundations of a Profession (2e)

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    Considers the historical foundations of professional nursing in Australia. Introduces a number of factors that have influenced the evolution of nursing and explores the constructs upon which professional nursing has been built.