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  • Crossing The Boundaries

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    Crossing the Boundaries is a ground breaking new text for Children's Literature courses that draws on the disciplines of Arts and Education. As reflected in the title, Crossing the Boundaries analyses children's literature from a truly interdisciplinary perspective, with academics, authors and illus... Read more >

  • Epistemology

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    For courses in Epistemology. Introduction to contemporary epistemology. Content is organized around “The Standard View”—the view that we do know most of the things reflective common sense tells us we know. Skepticism is discussed as only one of several objections to the view.

  • Government, Business and Society (2e)

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    Government, Business and Society, 2e addresses the complex relationships between the major political, social and economic forces in contemporary Australia. The book is differentiated from other Australian texts on government, business and Australian politics in that it is places debates and issues i... Read more >

  • Journalism: Investigation and Research

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    Investigative Journalism, edited by Stephen Tanner is a timely addition to journalism education in Australia. This new title aims to provide both a practical and theoretical framework for investigative journalism. The text argues that the broad skills and orientation required for investiga... Read more >

  • Literacy Lexicon (2e)

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    The Literacy Lexicon, second edition, is an invaluable Australian text for literacy and language education for students in the upper levels of education programs. It also has high relevance for practising teachers for their professional development. Continuing the tradition of the first edition, thi... Read more >