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  • Coaching on the Go: How to lead your team effectively in 10 minutes a day

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    In just 10 minutes a day, Coaching on the Go gives you the tools to be an effective leader. As a busy leader you know that coaching is an important tool for you to bring out the best in people in a most human and natural way. Coaching on the Go shows you how to coach your team in bite-sized chap... Read more >

  • Digital Business and E-Commerce Management (7e)

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    Written in an engaging and informative style, Digital Business and E-Commerce Management will give you the knowledge and skills to be able to handle the speed of change faced by organisations in the digital world. In this edition of the book, Chaffey, Hemphill and Edmundson-Bird bring together ... Read more >

  • Dimond's Legal Aspects of Nursing (8e)

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    The definitive guide to the law that all nurses need to know. Written specifically for student nurses as well as those already in practice, Dimond’s Legal Aspects of Nursing is your essential practical guide to the legal principles you need to be aware of in your everyday nursing practice.... Read more >

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (19e)

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    Financial Accounting & Reporting is the book that helps students and professionals succeed in their studies and the workplace by providing practical support and clear principles for applying international standards and preparing financial statements.

  • Friction/Reward: Be your customers first choice

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    This business book is great for leaders, middle managers and entrepreneurs interested in the following categories; Small Business Entrepreneurship Marketing Strategy Branding Customer Experience Make it easy for customers to choose you; whatever your business, produc... Read more >