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  • Abnormal Psychology Casebook: A New Perspective

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    A casebook for introductory level courses in Abnormal Psychology; a supplementary text for other Psychology and Social Work courses where appropriate. This casebook is uniquely all for introductory level psychology students. To be used with a main abnormal textbook. Devoid of the often “p... Read more >

  • Introduction to Jazz History (6e)

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    For courses in Introduction to Jazz and Jazz History. Widely adopted for its well-balanced approach this classic chronological survey of jazz history brings the various historical styles to life by exploring them through the lives of the musicians and a study of their recordings.

  • Motivation: Theories and Principles (5e)

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    For undergraduate courses in Motivation. This experimentally-oriented text provides a critical examination of research and theory with a topical approach. It covers a broad range of motivational concepts from both human and animal theory and research, with an emphasis on the biological bases of... Read more >

  • New Testament Greek for Beginners (2e)

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    For courses in New Testament Greek. This textbook is intended primarily for students who are beginning the study of the Greek Testament without any previous knowledge with the Greek language. This revision retains much of the character and organization of the first edition while accommodating s... Read more >

  • Rudiments of Music (4e)

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    Ideal for music majors who require prerequisite study for the first semester pre-theory course, non-music majors who desire a comprehensive survey of elementary music fundamentals, and for performers who wish to complement studies in music performance with a better understanding of music element... Read more >