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  • Business, Ethics, and the Environment: Imagining a Sustainable Future

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    For courses in Business Ethics, Business and Society, Applied Ethics, and Environmental Ethics.   This is the first text to bring the sustainability paradigm to the forefront of management and business ethics.   The concept of sustainability and sustainable development has taken hold t... Read more >

  • Families in Poverty: Volume I in the "Families in the 21st Century Series"

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    Poverty is a social problem, and finding solutions requires us to look closely at our society, laws and social institutions. Families in Poverty brings together the best and most recent quantitative and qualitative data to examine poverty among U.S. families, the problems poor families face, and dis... Read more >

  • James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic (Library of American Biography Series) (3e)

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    In this biography, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jack Rakove examines the life and legacy of James Madison, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Paperback, brief, and inexpensive, each of the titles in the Library of American Biography Series focuses on a figure whose actions and idea... Read more >

  • Sam Houston and the American Southwest (Library of American Biography Series) (3e)

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    In this biography, Randolph B. Campbell explores the life of Sam Houston and his important role in the development of the Southwest.   Governor of two states, president of an independent republic, and for thirteen years a United States senator, Sam Houston forged a life of great adventure, fr... Read more >

  • Seeing Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology Through Film (with Ethnographic Film Clips DVD) (4e)

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    Book + Disk
    Seeing Anthropology continues to be the only cultural anthropology text available that allows for easy integration of ethnographic films into the introductory cultural anthropology course.   Visual anthropologists and contributors, Pamela Blakely and Thomas Blakely, professors who have ... Read more >