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  • C by Dissection: The Essentials of C Programming (4e)

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    C by Dissection presents a thorough introduction to the programming process by carefully developing working programs to illuminate key features of the C programming language. This book presents the concepts of the programming process using the "dissection" method. Dissection is a unique pedagogical ... Read more >

  • C Program Design for Engineers (2e)

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    This book presents introductory programming and software development concepts to engineers using a disciplined approach. It provides numerous case studies and programming projects based on real-world examples from a wide range of engineering disciplines, making the material relevant to what students... Read more >

  • Civil Engineering Materials (2e)

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    For junior-level courses on Civil Engineering Materials, Construction Materials, Materials of Construction, and Materials of Architecture in departments of Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Architecture, Engineering Technology, and Agricultural Engineering. This book deals with prope... Read more >

  • Occupational Safety Management and Engineering (5e)

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    For courses in industrial safety. This classic text offers a practical, contemporary approach to accident prevention—based on legal, management, and technical aspects of the application of system safety engineering to industrial safety.