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  • Communicating Rocks: Writing, Speaking, and Thinking About Geology

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    Scientific endeavor begins with asking questions about the nature of the world around us and gathering data, but this work cannot be complete without effectively communicating the conclusions and data found. Communicating Rocks: Writing, Speaking, and Thinking about Geology not only makes the case ... Read more >

  • Encounter Human Geography: Interactive Explorations of Earth Using Google Earth

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    Pearson’s Encounter Series provides rich, interactive explorations of geoscience concepts through Google Earth™ activities, covering a range of topics in regional, human, and physical geography. For those who do not use MasteringGeography™, all chapter explorations are available i... Read more >

  • Explorations in Basic Biology (12e)

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    Explorations in Basic Biology is a self-contained laboratory manual designed for one- or two-semester introductory biology courses for non-biology and mixed biology majors. The exercises are appropriate for three-hour laboratory sessions, but are also adaptable to a two-hour laboratory format. &nb... Read more >

  • Exploring the Urban Community: A GIS Approach (2e)

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    Authored by accomplished urban geographers and GIS experts, Exploring the Urban Community: A GIS Approach leverages the modern geographer’s toolset, employing the latest GIS methodology to the study of urban geography. The 2nd Edition expands upon this timely, applied approach by incorporati... Read more >

  • Introduction to Environmental Geology (5e)

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    This text focuses on helping non-science majors develop an understanding of how geology and humanity interact. Ed Keller—the author who first defined the environmental geology curriculum—focuses on five fundamental concepts of environmental geology: Human Population Growth, Sustainabili... Read more >