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  • Brilliant Copywriting: How to craft the most interesting and effective copy imaginable

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    If you’ve ever struggled to craft a persuasive message that really hits the spot you’ll knowit’s harder than it looks. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have an expert on hand to give you tips and tricks? Someone who could pass on their knowledge and know-how? Someonewho told you how... Read more >

  • How to start your own business for entrepreneurs

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    Start Your Own Business for Entrepreneurs shows you how to:Get the basics right to make your business fly Create a bullet-proof business plan to get the backing you need to succeed Build a powerful brand, perfect for your business Master the day-to-day tasks, including the not-so scary financialsPar... Read more >

  • Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking, The (3e)

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  • The Momentum Effect: The secrets of efficient growth

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    One of the most frequent challenges that managers and executives face today is: ‘How do I keep on growing and at the same time, make a profit?’ Based on the author’s extensive research on over 350 Fortune 1000 Firms, The Momentum Effect proves that the old method of spending big on... Read more >

  • The Project Manager: Mastering the Art of Delivery (2e)

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    Processes don't drive projects; people do. Successful project management is ultimately about effective communication, and more broadly, effective people management. Most books, however, deal largely with process - the mechanical, methodological side, and play down the human side.The Project Manageri... Read more >