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  • Breves Cuentos Hispanos (4e)

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    Supplemental reader for 3rd, 4th, or 5th semester Spanish courses. Breves cuentos hispanos offers elementary/intermediate Spanish students enjoyable, short, challenging stories. Each story includes a series of varied activities including grammar review, vocabulary development, comprehension, disc... Read more >

  • Contrastes: Grammaire du français courant (2e)

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    Contrastes: grammaire du français courant remains what it originally set out to be: a comprehensive French grammar review geared specifically to English-speaking students from the intermediate to the advanced levels.   Written in French (with occasional footnotes and explanations in E... Read more >

  • Introducción a la lingüística española (3e)

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    Introducción a la lingüística española provides a systematic overview of key areas of Spanish linguistics, including the sound system, forms of words, syntactic patterns, the development of the language, and regional, social and contextual variation. Written entirely in Spa... Read more >

  • Lazos: Gramática y vocabulario a través de la literatura

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    Lazos: Gramática y vocabulario a través de la literatura is intended for a high intermediate (4th semester) or advanced college-level audience (5th semester). It combines an intensive review of selected Spanish grammar and vocabulary to accompany a collection of 15 short stories (most ... Read more >