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  • Moral Philosophy for Modern Life (2e)

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    Moral Philosophy for Modern Life, second edition, is designed as an introductory level textbook for postsecondary students. It can be used in moral philosophy, liberal arts, humanities, social science, general education, critical reasoning, and generic skills courses, as well as in any vocational ... Read more >

  • Psychology of Criminal Behaviour: A Canadian Perspective (2e)

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    This Canadian text examines the intersection of criminal behaviour, the theory behind it, and the application of evidence-based practice to its study.  It explores the Canadian criminal justice system, Canadian research and Canadian crime.  Criminal Behaviour and Psychology is very accessi... Read more >

  • Toward a Moral Horizon: Nursing Ethics for Leadership and Practice (2e)

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    This enhanced edition of Toward a Moral Horizon will meet the needs of many, since this entire text is constructed to help nurses and all health care providers to take up the challenge of embedding ethics in health care practice, education, research, and policy at all levels -- from local to gl... Read more >