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  • Communication Skills: Preparing for Career Success (Neteffect Series) (3e)

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    The 3rd edition of this text provides an excellent, easy-to-read explanation of the tools needed to be successful on the job. Organized into easily understood 3-part chapters, Job Talk provides ample coverage of standard communication topics, and addresses content essential for workers in today... Read more >

  • Business English: Writing in the Workplace (4e)

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    For courses in Business Communications and Business Writing.   Communication for the Workplace, 4th Edition focuses on the fundamentals of written communication within the context of workplace situations. This book discusses basic problems in written communication (good sentence structure, ac... Read more >

  • Ethics and College Student Life: A Case Study Approach (3e)

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    A core text for courses in Freshman Orientation, College Ethics and Critical Thinking; a supplementary text for courses in Introduction to Ethics, and Expository Writing.   Using engaging case studies of ethical dilemmas commonly facing college students, this text gives students hands-on opp... Read more >

  • Making Career Decisions that Count: A Practical Guide (3e)

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    For courses in Career Exploration or Decision-Making — Course for Undecided and/or First-Year College Students.   With effective, hands-on activities and an engaging conversational tone, Making Career Decisions That Count: A Practical Guide 3e provides “undecided” college st... Read more >

  • World of Tourism and Travel, The

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    The World of Tourism and Travel introduces students to a variety of concepts, principles and ideas relating to the tourism industry. While the text focuses on generic principles as they apply to the industry world-wide, reference to the industry in New Zealand is made whenever appropriate. This boo... Read more >