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  • People In A Landscape

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    For courses in Landscape Design and Planning, Environmental/Ecological Planning, City and Regional Planning. Taking a broad, ecological view of landscape at the continental and world scale, this innovative text considers how politics, government, etc. relate to Mother Nature, explain... Read more >

  • Principles of Tourism (8e)

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    Principles of Tourism: A New Zealand Perspective by Alan Collier is designed to give the reader an overall view of the tourism industry. The emphasis of the text is on New Zealand tourism. In addition, principles of tourism activity and management as they apply globally are comprehensively explored.... Read more >

  • World of Tourism and Travel, The

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    The World of Tourism and Travel introduces students to a variety of concepts, principles and ideas relating to the tourism industry. While the text focuses on generic principles as they apply to the industry world-wide, reference to the industry in New Zealand is made whenever appropriate. This boo... Read more >

  • World of Tourism and Travel, The: Instructor's Guide

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    Educators only
    Contents Instructor’s notes PowerPoint® slides