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  • American Criminal Courts

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    For courses in Introduction to Criminal Courts, American Criminal Courts, Courts in the Justice system.   Taking a practical approach, this book covers the entire criminal courts system in a manner which is understandable to students studying criminal justice, government, public administratio... Read more >

  • Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction (3e)

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    For courses in Crime Scene Investigation and Criminal Investigation.   Taking a systematic approach, Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction, 3e outlines techniques that will help investigators answer the critical what, who, when questions of crime scene investigations. With a focus on c... Read more >

  • Criminal Courts: Structure, Process, and Issues (3e)

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    For courses in Criminal Courts, Court Process and Sentencing, and Courts and Sentencing Issues.   Criminal Courts: Structure, Process, and Issues, 3e provides a comprehensive examination of the criminal court system, from basic pretrial procedures, to the trial process, to sentencing and app... Read more >

  • Criminal Law

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    For courses in Criminal Law.   Criminal Law by Worrall and Moore offers a fresh take on the field of criminal law. This contemporary text follows a modular format, allowing instructors the flexibility to teach the full text or pick and choose modules to suit their courses. The text covers mai... Read more >

  • Essentials of Criminal Law (11e)

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    For all courses on criminal law in criminal justice or affiliated programs; and for other general criminal law courses offered at any institution of higher education.   ESSENTIALS OF CRIMINAL LAW, 11/e is an easy-to-read, clear, and comprehensive introduction to criminal law for criminal ju... Read more >