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  • Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime: An Introduction (3e)

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    For all courses covering computer crime at community colleges, universities, and police academies; no previous exposure to technological studies is required.   COMPUTER FORENSICS AND CYBER CRIME: AN INTRODUCTION, 3/e is the only book on computer crime that has been widely adopted by bot... Read more >

  • Corrections (Justice Series) (2e)

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    For courses in Introduction to Corrections and Corrections Theory and Policy Brief. Affordable. Visual. Corrections provides an affordable, thought-provoking look at corrections that uses clear writing and eye-catching visuals to get your students straight to the important concepts. By focusing... Read more >

  • Criminal Courts: Structure, Process, and Issues (3e)

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    For courses in Criminal Courts, Court Process and Sentencing, and Courts and Sentencing Issues.   Criminal Courts: Structure, Process, and Issues, 3e provides a comprehensive examination of the criminal court system, from basic pretrial procedures, to the trial process, to sentencing and app... Read more >

  • Criminal Evidence (2e)

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    &>This title fits undergraduate Criminal Evidence courses.   A comprehensive, cohesive look at criminal evidence Criminal Evidence provides a comprehensive legal framework of the rules of evidence, highlights key law enforcement issues in the field, and uses current, newsworthy headline... Read more >

  • Criminology (11e)

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    For courses in Criminology, Introduction to Criminology, Crime and Delinquency, and Sociology of Crime.   The eleventh edition of Criminology is a lively introduction to the study of crime. As opposed to the “crime-of-the-week” approach common to many other texts, Conklin introduc... Read more >