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  • Clinical Massage Therapy: A Structural Approach to Pain Management

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    For all intermediate to advanced-level courses in massage therapy.   This text teaches effective therapeutic massage techniques that can prevent or eliminate multifaceted pain conditions, including chronic pain, sports injuries, and structural imbalance. Its unique 12-step approach focuses on... Read more >

  • Ergonomics: Body Mechanics and Self Care for Bodyworkers

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    For massage technique classes in multiple modalities, including Swedish, neuromuscular, Rolfing, and energy work; and for classes in kinesiology or ergonomics.   This comprehensive, engaging text helps students develop good ergonomic habits by assessing their biomechanics and gaining an inter... Read more >

  • Ethics and Professionalism for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers

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    For use in all ethics and related courses massage therapy and bodywork schools, and as a reference and continuing education guidebook for professional practitioners. This text is also structured to integrate smoothly into a comprehensive business curriculum for massage therapists and body workers. ... Read more >

  • Holistic Bodywork

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    Book + Disk
    For beginning to advanced courses in deep tissue therapy, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial therapy, and acupressure; and for holistic bodywork classes combining any of these approaches.   Holistic Bodywork provides a dynamic, integrative approach to understanding today’s four most pop... Read more >

  • Natural Spa and Hydrotherapy: Theory and Practice

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    The recent growth of the spa industry has resulted in a need for highly educated practitioners of spa and hydrotherapy treatments. Natural Spa and Hydrotherapy: Theory and Practice is designed to meet the needs of today's spa practioners. This text can be used for spa training as well as for s... Read more >