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  • Class and Struggle in Australia

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    For courses in political science and sociology.   Class and struggle in Australia is written in a lively and accessible style and provides an integrated and coherent Marxist account of fundamental features of Australian politics and society. It emphasises that classes are not only objective... Read more >

  • Concise Women's History

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  • Dispossession, Dreams and Diversity: issues in Australian studies

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    For undergraduate courses in Australian studies, history, cultural history and cultural studies.Dispossession, Dreams and Diversity: issues in Australian studies introduces key topics and questions about Australia as a society, a culture and a nation. It engages in major debates within both the... Read more >

  • History on Film/Film on History

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    To deal with film is to deal with a historical game pretty much outside the control of historians.This book provides a broad historical and theoretical overview to the rapidly growing field of history and film. It introduces the varieties, types, and traditions of historical films made in Hollywood,... Read more >

  • Jane Addams and Her Vision of America (Library of American Biography)

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    For courses in U.S. history (after 1865), biography, 20th century America (1900 - 2000), history of women in America (since 1865), history of African-Americans, American labor history and the Civil Rights Movement (1940 - 1968).   A presentation of Jane Addams' story in clear, non-technic... Read more >