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  • 50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age: New Financial Threats You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them (2e)

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    Identity theft is more dangerous than ever! The bad guys are smarter, more sophisticated, more organized -- and as we live more of our lives online, we expose far more personal information to them. Now, identity theft expert Steve Weisman reveals today's worst new threats, and presents today'... Read more >

  • Advanced Microeconomic Theory (3e)

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    ‘Advanced Microeconomic Theory’ remains a rigorous, up-to-date standard in microeconomics, giving all the core mathematics and modern theory the advanced student must master. This student-friendly text, with its efficient theorem-proof organization, and many examples and exercises, is... Read more >

  • Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and application

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    Modern Macroeconomics, by Max Gillman, takes a new and modern approach to macroeconomic theory using microeconomic foundations. Building from the standard neo-classical models, Gillman has developed a new dynamic model which works to explain business cycles and unemployment, why you can have a banki... Read more >

  • Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences VitalSource eText: Strategies, Implementation Methods, and Best Practices

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    When you buy a VitalSource eText you will receive your unique redemption code and instructions on how to access this product. Please note: VitalSource eTexts are available for download immediately and cannot be returned once purchased.Pearson VitalSource eTexts – digital books that fit your po... Read more >

  • Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences: Strategies, Implementation Methods, and Best Practices

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    The US healthcare system is plagued by the world’s highest cost per capita, low quality of outcomes relative to other industrialized countries, poor efficiency, and ambivalence about accountability for the health and wellbeing of patients and clients. Analytics can provide powerful opportuniti... Read more >