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  • Introduction to Chemical Principles (11e)

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    Newly updated based on extensive reviewer feedback, this introductory text remains focused on the essentials necessary for success in General Chemistry. Introduction to Chemistry Principles, Eleventh Edition focuses on the most important topics – omitting organic and biochemistry chapters &nda... Read more >

  • Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students, An (9e)

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    Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students, Ninth Edition is a unique workbook that uses a step-by-step approach to teach students the chemistry necessary for success in life sciences courses. Today’s biology courses place an increasing emphasis on the chemical processes that underlie crit... Read more >

  • Introductory Chemistry: Atoms First (5e)

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    An atoms-first approach for introductory, preparatory, basic chemistry coursesCarrying through an atoms-first approach from the first four editions, and focusing students on mastering the quantitative skills and conceptual knowledge they need to get a true understanding of chemistry, Russo and Silv... Read more >

  • Introductory Chemistry: Concepts and Critical Thinking Laboratory Manual (7e)

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    For lab courses in introductory, preparatory, and basic chemistry.   Emphasising environmental considerations, Corwin’s acclaimed Laboratory Manual for Introductory Chemistry offers a proven format of a pre-laboratory assignment, a stepwise procedure, and a post-laboratory assignment.... Read more >

  • Laboratory Manual for Chemistry: Structure and Properties (2e)

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    For laboratory courses in General Chemistry Engaging students in real-world applicationsLaboratory Manual for Chemistry: Structure and Properties provides a series of experiments written to correspond with an atoms-first approach. The experiments connect to the daily lives of students wit... Read more >