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  • Advertising: Strategy, Creativity and Media

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    The book covers advertising from top to bottom, with extensive coverage of traditional and contemporary approaches to all advertising media and a wealth of contemporary examples from around Europe and beyond. This book is the essential companion for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional stude... Read more >

  • B2B Digital Marketing: Using the Web to Market Directly to Businesses

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    B2B Digital Marketing is a guide to digital marketing for B2B companies. It addresses how to use various digital marketing vehicles to market products and services to other companies.   The book is divided into three sections:   Planning, introduces the various digital mar... Read more >

  • Corporate Reputation, Brand and Communication

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    Why should and how can organisations manage their reputations? All organisations, the executives who direct them, the employees who create value and their stakeholders who influence them, all interact and can impact corporate reputation. In a 24/7 media environment, where even a tweet can shape impr... Read more >

  • Fundamentals of Retailing and Shopper Marketing

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    Fundamentals of Retailing and Shopper Marketing is an ideal companion text whether you are in marketing, in manufacturing, work for an advertising agency or if you work in retail. The book focuses on the sharp end of the retail industry and, through real-world examples, shows students and pract... Read more >

  • Global Macrotrends and Their Impact on Supply Chain Management: Strategies for Gaining Competitive Advantage

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    Replete with examples, cases, and best practices. Emerging Trends in Global Supply Chain Management fully illuminates the game-changing issues supply chain decision-makers now face. Three seasoned practitioners provide state-of-the-art answers and insights into questions like: How do you manage supp... Read more >