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  • Biology, A Global Approach - CELS191 Edition + Mastering Biology with Pearson eText (2e)

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    This pack contains 1 copy of Biology, A Global Approach - CELS191 Custom Book + 1 printed access card to Mastering Biology with Pearson eText. Please note that this custom edition is published exclusively for University of Otago.

  • Biology: A Global Approach, Global Edition (11e)

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    For courses in general biology. The world’s most successful majors biology text and media program are better than ever! The 11th Edition of the best-selling Campbell BIOLOGY sets students on the path to success in biology through its clear and engaging narrative, superior s... Read more >

  • Biology: A Global Approach, Global Edition eBook (11e)

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    Were you looking for the book with access to Mastering Biology? This product is the VitalSource eText alone, and does NOT come with access to Mastering Biology. Students, if Mastering Biology is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN and... Read more >

  • Biology: A Global Approach, Global Edition Mastering Biology with Pearson eText (11e)

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    Digital Access Code Purchase. When you buy a digital access code you will receive your unique redemption code and instructions on how to access this product. Please Note: To access Mastering Biology you need a Course ID from your instructor. The duration of access to Mastering B... Read more >

  • Biostatistical Analysis (Classic Version) (5e)

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    Zar’s Biostatistical Analysis, Fifth Edition is the ideal textbook for graduate and undergraduate students seeking practical coverage of statistical analysis methods used by researchers to collect, summarize, analyze and draw conclusions from biological research. The latest edition of this bes... Read more >