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  • Teaching and Assessing Maths Through Open-ended Activities

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    Teaching and Assessing Maths Through Open-ended Activities contains activities and real student work samples as a guide, to help improve student learning. It relates mathematical strategies to real life situations for students and caters for different needs, allowing for differentiated learning. Tea... Read more >

  • Understanding Texts & Readers

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    Educators only
    Understanding Texts & Readers makes comprehension make sense. In it, Jennifer Serravallo narrows the distance between assessment and instruction. She maps the four fiction and four nonfiction comprehension goals she presented in The Reading Strategies Book to fourteen text levels and shares samp... Read more >

  • Units of Study in Opinion, Information and Narrative Writing, Grade 4

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    Written for children on the cusp of writing more academic texts, the fourth-grade series familiarises students with the genres they will regularly encounter throughout school—thesis-driven persuasive essays, literary essays, and research reports. Each of the units begins where children are an... Read more >

  • Units of Study Up the Ladder

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    The Up the Ladder books are designed for children in grades 3–6 who may not yet have had many opportunities to practice writing narrative, information, and opinion pieces, or might not have had those experiences in workshop-style classrooms. The units give these children opportunities to engag... Read more >

  • Word Up! Grammar Book 1

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    Word Up! Grammar teaches grammar skills sequentially through engaging texts that stimulate critical and imaginative thinking skills. Student’s writing is integrated straight into the book, so children can learn grammar and spelling skills in the context of their own writing.