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  • Contemporary Topics 3: Academic and Note-Taking Skills (Advanced) DVD (3e)

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    Educators only
    Could we colonize Mars if we wanted to? Has surveillance reached "Big Brother" proportions? What are some of the latest theories for slowing aging? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in Contemporary Topics 3 (Series Editor: Michael Rost), which features college lec... Read more >

  • Gold B1 Preliminary New Edition Teacher's Active Teach (2e)

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    Gold B1 Preliminary provides focused exam preparation, in line with 2020 B1 Preliminary exam requirements. It provides: a fast-paced syllabus with comprehensive exam coverage for the B1 Preliminary exam stimulating topics and texts with extensive opportunities for discussion thoroug... Read more >

  • LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purpose) Intermediate Listening and Speaking DVD

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    LEAP offers a cross-curricular approach to teaching students the skills they need to thrive at college or university. It encourages students to apply critical thinking skills as they get engaged in academic listening and speaking tasks across a range of disciplines.

  • LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes) High Beginner Listening and Speaking - DVD

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    LEAP features a cross-curricular approach to teaching students the vocabulary and skills they need to thrive in a real-life academic context, while helping them apply critical thinking to a variety of global issues. This four-level program - LEAP 1 (High Beginner: CEFR Level A1+-B1), LEAP 2 (Interm... Read more >

  • Real Time Intermediate Interactive DVD

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    For each level of the course, there is a DVD that focuses on the language introduced in the Real Time sections of the Students’ Book. It provides a fresh context for the situational dialogues with interactive on-screen activities for each episode Photocopiable practice activities ... Read more >