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  • Criminal Investigation (2e)

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    Criminal Investigation provides a thought-provoking look at criminal investigations that uses clear writing and eye-catching visuals to get your students straight to the important concepts. By focusing on these core concepts, students will gain true understanding of the material, without becomi... Read more >

  • Criminal Investigation: An Illustrated Case Study Approach

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    For community college and four-year college courses such as Introduction to Criminal Investigation, Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Investigation, Incident Investigation, and Police Investigation Methods.  CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION: AN ILLUSTRATED CASE STUDY APPROACH is today... Read more >

  • Criminal Investigation: Basic Perspectives (13e)

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    For courses in basic and advanced criminal investigation A Guide to Effective Criminal Investigations Drawing upon the author’s 50 plus years of experience, Criminal Investigation gives students a comprehensive introduction to the investigative process. From preliminaries to case preparati... Read more >

  • Investigating High-Tech Crime

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    For courses in Criminal Justice, Computer Crime, Cyber Crime, and Computer Forensics.  Written for first responders, this text was developed to address the need for an investigator’s guide to high tech crime. Filled with real world examples, it is meant to be a hands-on training tool as ... Read more >

  • Organized Crime (7e)

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    For courses in organized crime.A student-friendly introduction to organized crime – what it is and what it’s notOrganized Crime provides an easy-to-read introduction to organized crime, including a historical basis for understanding its origins, evolution, and current status. The text d... Read more >