Students aren't the only ones learning in a classroom. Written by experts from across the spectrum of subjects and disciplines, our Teacher Resources equip you with the best research findings and practical strategies to cope with the continual changes and challenges of teaching.


Sheena Cameron's Teacher Resources

Sheena's best-selling teacher resources provide hundreds of invaluable tips and resources for everyday classroom use.


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Bug Club - Now on iPad!

A revolutionary reading programme combining print books and interactive eBooks.

Get a sneak peek of the Bug Club Digital Platform.  Find out more

Pearson Mathematics Literacy eBooks

22 eBooks with Teaching Resources

A language-based approach to key mathematical concepts in the early school years.  Find out more

Pearson Mathematics Online Assessment
object-illus-pearson-maths-assessment.jpg NZ curriculum! Manage your Assessment and Reporting with ease!
Record and analyse results in your own school's database with an online assessment tool using carefully designed and sequenced questions to tease out and record each student's level of understanding. Find out more
Pearson Mathematics Teaching & Learning
object-illus-pearson-maths-teaching.jpg Interactive tools for NZ classrooms
Transform your teaching with our interactive resources. Over 200 tools and activities covering all strands from Levels 1-4. Find out more