Nitty Gritty 3 - Inside the Game : 9781869706487

Nitty Gritty 3 - Inside the Game

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Chris was excited to find Seven Missions in Uncle Reg’s computer basement. It was the computer game that had first hooked him in. The idea was to brave armed guards, blazing deserts, gaping chasms, dragons, monsters and much more to complete seven missions and restore the Little Princess to her kingdom. But something had changed in the virtual world of Seven Missions, and Chris and his cousin Amy were now trying to save a real person from real enemies, battling for their lives in a terrifying new reality. Unbelievably, they had somehow found themselves inside the game!

Nitty Gritty Novels Series 3

Reading Age 12-14 years

An exciting new series of chapter books from New Zealand and International authors. Develop your students' critical literacy skills and challenge their thinking with Nitty Gritty Novels - high-interest, rich texts, targeted at young adolescents. 

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