Studio AQA GCSE French Higher Student Book : 9781446927199

Studio AQA GCSE French Higher Student Book

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Expertly structured Student Book designed to help learners use language independently and to the best of their ability, with fresh and engaging content from the target language culture that they will want to study.

  • A carefully designed programme of learning teaches the ‘building blocks’ of French grammar and vocabulary that give students the tools to manipulate language.
  • Key concepts are taught in appropriate topics, revisited and recycled throughout the course to embed understanding and allow practice within different contexts.
  • Content boosts motivation by encouraging students to “learn something new”. The book includes topics that are popular with students and teachers, transactional language and real life-contexts; all with links to the French culture.
  • Some overlap in level of demand with the Foundation tier book ensures all abilities can access content in both books, allowing you to gauge which tier is most suitable for each of your learners.
  • ‘Point de départ’ units provide a smooth transition from KS3 learning
  • Each unit and module is structured to allow gradual progression, ensuring all students can access some content from every section.
  • A range of authentic materials and literary texts help students become familiar with them and build confidence in coping with unknown vocabulary.
  • An equal focus on all four skills and the interplay between them helps reinforce grammar and vocabulary learning. Students encounter grammar in reading and listening activities, and put it into practice in speaking and writing, reinforced with translation activities.
  • Exam preparation units are included for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.
  • Revision forms the final module, supporting class-based revision for the new assessments.
Series overview

Language learning you know and trust

Studio for AQA GCSE (9-1) is designed to help all of your students shine. Providing strong continuation from our popular KS3 courses, these brand new resources for 2016 will drive engagement through interesting, culture-focused content, and support you to prepare students for the new GCSE (9-1) assessments. A full suite of print and digital resources is available, offering you maximum choice and flexibility.

Resources designed to help students of all abilities achieve their potential

  • Differentiated Higher and Foundation tier resources designed to give students the tools to apply language in different contexts, enabling them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to the best of their ability.

Support to understand the new assessments and to teach the skills required

  • Studio resources are designed to support you to teach the skills students will need, such as translation and understanding authentic and literary texts, and will help you to understand what is expected at each tier in the new linear assessments.

Cultural content and ‘learn something new’ approach that motivates and brings languages to life

  • Students are most motivated when they are learning something new besides the language itself − Studio resources use real life contexts and cultural content to give a sense of purpose to language learning.

Our ‘building blocks’ approach to grammar and vocabulary gives students the tools to use language independently

  • Our carefully planned progression and accessible approach helps build up students’ knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, helping them learn to manipulate language independently across a range of contexts.

Seamless transition from our popular Studio KS3 courses

  • Studio for AQA GCSE (9-1) provides strong continuation from our Studio KS3 course that introduces KS3 pupils to aspects of the new GCSE, such as translation and authentic and literary texts. All are aligned to the Pearson MFL progression map to help track progress from 11-16.

Studio AQA GCSE French series includes

  • x2 Student Books (Higher or Foundation)
  • x1 Grammar and Translation Workbook
  • x1 Vocabulary Book
  • x1 ActiveLearn Digital Service (Higher & Foundation) Front-of-Class Teaching Resources (including audio files* and video); Online Homework, Practice and Support; Teacher Planning materials* (schemes of work and lesson plans); and Progression and Assessment materials*.
  • x2 ActiveBooks (Higher or Foundation)

* Also available separately.


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