Leader ID: Understand and play to your leadership strengths : 9781292232638

Leader ID: Understand and play to your leadership strengths

Pilbeam and Wallis
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Pearson United Kingdom
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With a diagnostic test to discover your strengths and areas to improve, you’ll become a more effective, authentic and confident leader.

What’s your Leader ID?

To be a confident, effective and authentic leader you need to play to your strengths. Leader ID will help you understand your inherent strengths and abilities, with practical and actionable insights on how to improve in areas where you’re not.

Leader ID gives you free access to an online profiling tool with 45 statements to rate. Once completed, you’ll receive a report detailing:

  • Your Leader ID – a personalised report showing your scoring against the 9 leadership qualities
  • Strengths – areas where you are naturally gifted
  • Development – areas where further focus is needed
  • Insights - actionable ways to develop your personal character, strengths and identity
Your Leader ID report is your personalised leadership action plan showing areas of strength and areas to build on so you can be a better leader. You can then use the book as an individually tailored road map for your professional growth as a leader. Each chapter includes helpful insights, tools, techniques and practices that will ensure development in each area whether you want to focus on improving your leader strengths or improve areas that need more focus. Whichever you choose, Leader ID is highly flexible and will take your leadership performance to the next level.
Author biography
David Pilbeam specialises in performance coaching for individuals and teams, facilitation and organisational change. His experience in running businesses and educating leaders enables him to help people to build on their strengths in order to raise their performance and deliver results.

Glenn Wallis has worked developing managers and leaders within organisations for over 13 years. His experience has afforded him the opportunity to work across a wide range of business sectors, including: Financial Markets, Insurance, Retail, Energy Trading, Pharma, and the automotive industry, in addition to the public sector.