An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment eBook (4e) : 9781292083612

An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment eBook (4e)

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Pearson United Kingdom
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About the book

This highly respected and best-selling textbook provides an accessible, engaging and comprehensive introduction to the major topics within physical geography. It focuses on understanding the inter-linkages between processes, places and environments and is comprehensively illustrated to demonstrate how the physical environment works.

Now in its fourth edition, the book has been thoroughly updated throughout to contain the latest research. Between them, the contributors have researched in detail every environment on the planet, providing an unrivalled source of rich information from around the world for both undergraduate and postgraduate study in the field of physical geography.

Table of contents
Preface to the fourth edition
List of contributors
Editor’s acknowledgements
Part I: The role of physical geography
Chapter 1. Approaching physical geography
Part II: Continent and oceans
Chapter 2. Earth geology and tectonics
Chapter 3. Oceans
Part III: Past, present and future climate and weather
Chapter 4. The Pleistocene
Chapter 5. The Holocene
Chapter 6. Atmospheric processes
Chapter 7. Contemporary climate change
Chapter 8. Global climate and weather
Chapter 9. Regional and local climates
Part IV: Biogeography and ecology
Chapter 10. The biosphere
Chapter 11. Ecosystem processes
Chapter 12. Freshwater ecosystems
Chapter 13. Vegetation and climate change
Part V: Geomorphology and hydrology
Chapter 14. Weathering
Chapter 15. Slope processes and landform evolution
Chapter 16. Sediments and sedimentation
Chapter 17. Soils
Chapter 18. Catchment hydrology
Chapter 19. Fluvial geomorphology and river management
Chapter 20. Solutes and water quality
Chapter 21. Drylands
Chapter 22. Coasts
Chapter 23. Glaciers and ice sheets
Chapter 24. Permafrost and periglaciation
Part VI: Monitoring and management
Chapter 25. Monitoring environmental change
Chapter 26. Dealing with hazards and environmental change
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