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Presentation Now: Prepare a perfect presentation in less than 3 hours

Andrew Lightheart
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Pearson United Kingdom
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Plan a first rate presentation in three hours or less, quickly produce slides and handouts, and discover ways to deliver it calmly, confidently and capably.

Table of contents

Introduction - Why you're right to be nervous and overwhelmed- The problem with presentations


Part One: Plan - Three hours to a good enough presentation

Step 1 - Get traction on planning – 30 mins

Step 2 - Lay the groundwork for a flexible, robust plan - 20 mins

Step 3 - Put together a flexible, do-able plan (with recipes to use as sane starting points for your particular situation) - 60 mins

Step 4 - Plan notes so you won't lose your train of thought - 15 mins

Step 5 – Verify the timings by practicing (a bit) - 30 mins

Step 6 - Plan slides/visual aids that support your outcomes - 15 mins

Step 7 - Lower your nerves by doing a sanity check - 10 mins


Part Two: Speak


1. Calm - develop relaxation skills and emotional resilience

2. Steady - signal credibility with your voice and body language

3. Conversation - taking the drama out of your mental model and develop a credible speaking style

4. Story - become a more interesting presenter by sharing your experiences

5 - Listen - deal with the dreaded Q&A confidently


Part Three: Extras


Extra: Just-in-time Coaching

Extra: Global group

Extra: Conference call

Extra: What to do if your presentation is tomorrow!

Epilogue: Next steps


Author biography

Andrew Lightheart is an internationally recognised complex-topic presentation coach. He has coached getting on for 5,000 presentations by speakers hailing from more than 22 different countries. For ten years, he has specialised in working with technically-minded presenters like IT people, lawyers, academics, scientists, accountants and consultants. Andrew's clients include HSBC (in UK, Hong Kong and China), Glaxo SmithKline, Siemens, Philips and SoftwareOne.