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Digital Engineering with Minecraft

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Minecraft is a global phenomenon and obsession: millions of kids and adults are passionately involved in building and exploring their own Minecraft worlds. Now they can master valuable real-world Computer-Aided Design (CAD) career skills while they're having fun with Minecraft. Digital Engineering with Minecraft teaches simple, hands-on CAD techniques that are directly useful in Minecraft and easily transferrable to more advanced tasks and software.

Through hands-on projects, James Floyd Kelly introduces Minecraft players to seven specialized tools and applications for taking their Minecraft worlds to a whole new level. Purchasers of this book also get free access to hands-on how-to videos guiding you through many key tasks.

Kelly's detailed walkthroughs guide you through every step of designing objects in CAD, 3D printing, game programming, animation, and more. You'll discover how to take what you've learned and created outside Minecraft and pull it directly into your Minecraft world. Coverage includes:

  • Finding great objects on Thingiverse and importing them to Minecraft with MCedit
  • Using basic tools including maze makers and the Online-Convert tool
  • Mastering key Tinkercad skills, including shape creation, rotation, resizing, and grouping
  • Creating and exporting monsters with 123D Creature for iPad
  • Putting yourself in the game with 123D Catch for PC, Mac, or iPad
  • Using 123D Sculpt to create incredible new landscapes
  • Creating hollow wire-frame domes that transform any terrain into a battle arena
  • Generating unique items with Shapeshifter

Digital Engineering with Minecraft will help you transform all of your worlds – both inside and outside Minecraft!

Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang Synergies / Notch Development AB. This book is not affiliated with or sponsored by Mojang Synergies / Notch Development AB.

Table of contents
1. Project Take Over a Castle!
2. What is a Minecraft Engineer?
3. Project Secret Entrance!
4. Tinkercad Tutorial
5. Project The Creature That Ate Minecraft!
6. 123D Creature Tutorial
7. Project -- A Monument to YOU!
8. 123D Catch Tutorial
9. Project Ride the Rollercoaster!
10. 123D Sculpt Tutorial
11. Project Battle Dome!
12. Shapeshifter Tutorial
Appendix A. Websites/Books/Magazines
Appendix B. Adding Redstone (Circuit Building!) to Your Creations
Features & benefits
  • The only Minecraft book that teaches Minecrafters valuable CAD skills for real-world careers
  • Easy hands-on walkthroughs: designing objects in CAD, 3D printing, game programming, animation, and more
  • Includes free access to a set of how-to videos and screencasts that guide through key tasks
  • By one of the industry's most well-known and respected authors, James Floyd Kelly
Author biography
James Floyd Kelly is a writer from Atlanta, Georgia. He has degrees in industrial engineering and English and has written technology books on a number of subjects, including CNC machines, 3D printing, open source software, LEGO robotics, and electronics.
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