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Now You Can Spell

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Now You Can Spell is a unique spelling book, designed for learners who must cope with the specialised vocabulary they meet in subjects beyond English.  Peter De Ath has drawn on several decades of teaching experience to produce 35 lists, totalling 700 words, that sum up concepts encountered in science, mathematics, the arts and humanities at Levels 4 and 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum Framework.  Learning to use and spell these words accurately is an important skill for intermediate and secondary school pupils.  The interesting and creative exercises and lively illustrations in Now You Can Spell make this learning a pleasant experience.

The You Can Spell series is an innovative New Zealand spelling programme. Eight books progressively introduce students to the 3770 most frequently used words in the English languages. Teacher's Guides are also available.

Author biography

Peter De Ath taught at every school level, and was Principal of Lake Brunner School in Moana, Westland. Some years ago, he asked the question, 'What are the characteristics of good spellers?' His university research produced some interesting answers which he employs in the You Can Spell series for the benefit of all pupils.

Series overview

In 1984, Peter De Ath was engaged by the University of Canterbury to investigate the characteristics of proficient spellers. The You Can Spell programme, developed from that investigation, reflects such research findings as: the importance of establishing a reliable learning technique at an early age, mastering the most commonly used words in the learning progress, and the vital role parents/caregivers play in establishing a spelling consciousness.

About the programme:

  • Eight Mastering Sets based on the frequency of usage of words
  • Learning lists for each Set are pretested to locate the words a child needs to learn
  • Persistent errors are corrected and the words learned again
  • Involves homework and motivation from parents/caregivers
  • Rewards achievement of each Set
  • Starts in junior classes
  • Anticipates proficiency by the end of Year 8
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