Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Server, The, VitalSource eText : 9780134086095

Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Server, The, VitalSource eText

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About the book

With 54+ million copies sold, Minecraft has become a worldwide phenomenon. For some players, single-player Minecraft is enough. Most avid players want to go further, connecting with Minecrafters worldwide on multiplayer servers. Increasingly, many want to take the next step beyond that, and host their own servers. This is the world's first complete guide to successfully hosting your Minecraft server, even if you have no networking or server administration experience.

Best-selling tech author Tim Warner covers everything you need to know, from the absolute basics of Minecraft networking and multiplayer environments to cutting-edge customization and troubleshooting.

Table of contents
1. Minecraft Multiplayer and Networking 101
2. Planning Your Minecraft Server
3. Creating a Vanilla Minecraft Server
4. Creating a CraftBukkit Server
5. Managing Users and Rules
6. Extending Your Server
7. Protecting Your Server
8. Implementing Monetization
9. Learning From the Best
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