Profit Without Honor: White Collar Crime and the Looting of America (4e) : 9780131722323

Profit Without Honor: White Collar Crime and the Looting of America (4e)

Rosoff & Pontell
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For courses in Criminal Justice, American Culture, White Collar Crime, Social Problems, Criminology, and Law & Society.


Profit Without Honor clearly exposes the battle between personal gain and individual integrity and provides a comprehensive overview of white-collar crime in American society. Presenting a vivid picture of all types of white-collar crime, the book covers high-profile cases, the latest trends in criminal activity and a thorough discussion of the victims and consequences of these criminal behaviors.  Utilizing both academic and popular sources, Profit Without Honor provides a vast array of information on white-collar offenses and challenges readers to grasp the importance and long term effects of this growing American problem.

Table of contents

1.      Introduction

2.      Crimes Against Consumers

3.      Unsafe Products

4.      Environmental Crime

5.      Institutional Corruption: Mass Media and Religion

6.      Securities Fraud

7.      Corporate Fraud

8.      Fiduciary Fraud: Crime in the Banking, Insurance, and Pension Fund Industries

9.      Crimes by the Government

10.  Corruption of Public Officials

11.  Medical Crime

12.  Computer Crime

13.  Conclusions

New to this edition

New Topics: Fully updated information on the types white collar crime, including:

  • Internet fraud
  • Worker safety
  • Environmental considerations
  • Violation of labor laws
  • Embezzlement
  • Securities fraud
  • Religious affinity swindles
  • Standardized test fraud
  • War profiteering in Iraq 
New! Updated examples of corporate irresponsibility–appear throughout the text.
  • Includes companies such as Wal-Mart, Teflon, Enron, WorldCOM, Adelphia, and Tyco.
  • Discusses violations of minimum wage laws, environmental pollution, illegal anti-union activities, use of illegal aliens, sex discrimination and other business practices that result in white-collar crime. 

New! Outcomes of major corporate fraud cases–are discussedthroughout the text.

  • Gives information on the trials, convictions, and long sentences, in such cases as Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, and Tyco.
  • Discusses outcomes for specific individuals such as Martha Stewart.
Features & benefits

Profit Without Honor: White Collar Crime & the Looting of America was quoted in Ralph Nader's latest publication....


Hallmark Features


Comprehensive coverage of white-collar crime–is a hallmark of the text.

  • Provides students with a single source of comprehensive information on the topic of white-collar crime.
  • Discusses all types of white-collar crime and the many places it occurs, from schools, to corporations, to government, to hospitals.  

Comprehensive case histories–are included throughout the text.

  • Give students a full understanding of the nature and consequences of different forms of white-collar crime.

The victims of white-collar crime–are emphasized throughout the text.

  • Gives equal coverage to the victims of white-collar crime, as well as the offenders.
  • Brings a balance to the text and significance to the topic. 

A separate chapter on computer crime ( ch. 12) –makes the text timely and contemporary.

  • Educates students about this important and growing area of white-collar crime. 

Thorough documentation–is included throughout the text.

  • Contains thousands of references and allows students to easily locate a topic and reference it within the text. 

Lively anecdotes and statistics–appear throughout the text.

  • Help expose the dark side of our justice system and keep readers informed and engaged.