Adobe Photoshop for Fashion Design : 9780131191938

Adobe Photoshop for Fashion Design

Lazear, Susan
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For courses in Fashion Design.


More than just a how-to manual, Adobe Photoshop for Fashion Design introduces readers to Photoshop and ways to think about designing fashion apparel and textiles using the program. Early chapters provide a strong foundation in the commands and capabilities of the program while later sections offer application exercises that develop skills in fashion design, textile design and presentation techniques. Available with an accompanying website, this book emphasizes the creative process and explores the capabilities of this powerful program as related to clothing, fashion, and textiles.


Table of contents
Table of Contents



1.      Overview of Adobe Photoshop

2.      Focus on Selections and Layers

3.      Quick Start Self-Portrait a la Warhol

4.      Painting and Drawing: The Tools

5.      Menus

6.      Palettes


Basic Exercises

Fashion Exercises

Textile Design Exercises

Presentation Exercises



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Thorough overview of Adobe Photoshop–and its applications to fashion design.

·           Provides a solid foundation in Photoshop–from basic Photoshop capabilities to its Toolbox, Menus, and Palettes.


Four types of application exercises include:

·           Basic Exercises–teach a basic skill such as improving the quality of a digital image, working with layers, recoloring imagery and more.


·           Fashion Exercises–reinforcehow to utilize the Photoshop tools to create a promotional composite, draw flats, translate a hand-drawn fashion pose to digital format, etc.


·           Textile Design Exercises–address how to use the pattern maker filter, how to create repeat patterns, how to build multiple colorways for textile prints and more!


·           Presentation Techniques–involve combining multiple images into a layout, creating interest in layouts, prepping graphics for presentation and even building an electronic portfolio.


Sample fashion drawings–appear in the text.

·           Gives users ideas for using Photoshop in their design and demonstrates the powerful capabilities of the program.


A student website accompanies the text–and includes files used in the exercises and files for additional viewing.

·           Offers supporting files that correlate with specific chapters in the book.


Margin Notes, Tips and Comments–appear in the side-bar.

·           Provides additional information on the capabilities, menus and commands of Adobe Photoshop.